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Support the Conservatory of Flowers Today!

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Support the Conservatory of Flowers

In 2003, the Conservatory of Flowers reopened following a $25 million renovation campaign. We are forever grateful to the individual donors, foundations and corporations who rescued this iconic landmark after the devastating storm of 1995.

Today, we need your financial support to keep our 140-year old wood and glass Conservatory and its world-class botanical collections vibrant, well maintained and welcoming to our current visitors and for generations to come.

Your donations fuel exciting projects!

  • Hosting thousands of Bay Area students on free Plant Adaptation field trips that leverage this living museum of tropical plants to develop insights into fragile, precious ecosystems and biodiversity of rainforests, aligned with Next Generation Science curricula
  • Renovation of the Highlands Gallery into a more immersive Cloud Forest experience, elevating the Conservatory's renowned collection of cool-growing orchids
  • Planning for the long-term future of the Conservatory – stay tuned!